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Three Books In One

Coloring Book, Story Book, & History Book

Join young Araminta on her journey into becoming the woman we know today. ‘Araminta’ Ross Tubman, Harriet Tubman to many, was a brave figure in history and an even braver young woman.

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    Told through the life and transformation of a Butterfly, our main character Malcolm represents a story and timeline of change, realization, and personal empowerment.

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      What’s more fun than keeping the Earth Clean? Being a Litterbug Cowboy of course! Join the Litterbug Cowboys for the Green Round Up as they gather litter and garbage in order to keep our streets clean.

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        The hero of this stirring poetic narrative of intelligence and bravery is of course the creation of poet, Kenneth M. Sims

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          This book tells the story of Martin Luther King. The Voice uses stamps to tell a story about MLK.

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            Telling Our Stories, Through Color

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